james-thompsonFacebook might be the ‘most hated’ social media platform in the US at the moment based on a study, but this does not mean that there are zero merits attached to the social network. In fact, we have seen how Facebook has come to the rescue in a search for a kidnapped baby, as well as tracking down an alleged rapist before. This time around, a heart warming story on how a mum and her son were reunited via Facebook – 28 years after the son was given up for adoption.

Lesley Thompson had placed her son James (as seen above) for adoption when he was a wee lad of five, where she later found out that he had since moved over to New Zealand with his new family. With fears that she might not see her son ever again in the future, Lesley kicked off a rather desperate search, where Facebook proved to be the “bridge” that saw her connect the 53-year-old mother to James.

The next thing that Lesley intends to do is to meet James, and the sooner the better. Lesley shared, “I want to meet him in person before it’s too late because you never know what’s around the corner. I don’t think James is capable of flying over to the UK on his own due to a bad accident he had when he was 16 so I was wondering if anybody out there would kindly give donations to help pay for my flight to see him. It would really made my day and dream come true.”

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