fb-msgr-ipadIt does look as though the folks over at Facebook have been keeping themselves occupied for this year where messaging is concerned, and this time around, their official Facebook Messenger app has been updated with an iPad-friendly version that ought to see more and more people jump aboard the bandwagon, never mind that the iPad also has instant messaging apps of its own to begin with. With just about everyone and many companies owning a Facebook account, rolling out a an iPad-friendly Facebook Messenger app makes plenty of sense.

The iPhone version of the Facebook Messenger app has just received an update today that would turn it into a universal app, and hence, compatible with the iPad. Apart from that, this version 7.0 update will come along with a tweak which allows you to place calls in a more reliable manner, not to mention a bug fix that will load all of your active Facebook friends in a far faster manner than ever before.

Do expect everything that ran on your iPhone previously to also work just nice on your iPad with this particular update, where it will include the likes of stickers, group conversations, voice messages, location sharing, and free calling, among others. Better late than never is the principle here, especially with false alarms that hail all the way from the beginning of 2013.

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