facebook-unfollowEveryone likes to be loved by the masses, as we mortals do want to be accepted by our peers as well as strangers, even. The approval of men can be an empowering feeling, and we do know that Facebook is one of the most popular social network companies out there. Well, the American Customer Satisfaction Index has revealed something surprising this week – that social media sites including the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn happen to rank among the lowest-scoring companies in the US.

In fact, social media happens to be ranked as the fourth-lowest scoring category of companies when it comes to customer satisfaction, picking up a score of 71 out of 100. This places social media companies ahead of Internet service providers, cable/subscription TV companies and airlines.

It seems that “privacy concerns” and the abundance of advertisements happen to be stumbling blocks when it comes to ensuring that satisfaction with social media remains low. Facebook happens to rank the lowest among all of the seven social media companies listed in the study. Well, with developments such as malware discovered on Facebook that masquerades as a YouTube video does not help its fight, either. The rest of the companies under the social media study include LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Wikipedia and Pinterest.

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