facebook logoI would like to think that this is more or less inevitable – that companies would want, as far as possible, for the masses to use not only one of their products, but all of it, encompassing every single part of their life along the way. Having said that, it seems that Facebook is taking the same route as well, where the social network giant has the intention for everyone to use Facebook Messenger to chat with their friends over Facebook when using mobile devices that run on iOS and Android platforms.


Facebook insists that positive response from users in Europe proved to be the turning point for the company to go ahead with such a decision around the world. Needless to say, with close to 7 billion humans worldwide and a great many of them using Facebook, not everyone is going to be too happy with this change, since it would require installing yet another app on the mobile device when the existing one is capable of doing the job just fine.

Facebook claims that this move will allow the company to focus its development efforts in a more concentrated manner when both apps are separated, not to mention help users to avoid confusion. Won’t adding another app add more to the confusion instead?

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