fish-driveSo there is this particular expression that goes something like this, “when pigs fly”, which more or less denotes something that is virtually impossible to happen. Having said that, why not introduce a twist to such a saying by coming up with your very own version? I am referring to saying “when fish drive” the next time around, which is a surefire way of raising some eyebrows in the process. However, you would be able to fulfill such a saying thanks to Dutch designers who have managed to construct a prototype ‘car’ for our finned friends.


This unique fish tank will boast of an accompanying webcam, a micro-computer as well as motorized wheels in order to get it moving. The mobile fish tank will make use of computer vision technology so that it is capable of tracking down the fish driver’s movements as it makes its way around. Known simply as ‘Fish on Wheels’, it is a mode of transportation for fish.

Thomas De Wolf of design firm Studio Diip, who is behind this particularly zany idea, touts of the promise behind interactive computer vision technology that has made all of it possible. Will fish be delivering pizzas from door to door in the near future? Don’t be on it.

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