rockbandA few years ago, games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and so on were all the rage. Perhaps it was the novelty of playing such games in our living room where previously they could only be found in arcades, but admittedly that trend has somewhat died out. However it looks like Harmonix, the developer behind Rock Band and Dance Central, could be interested in reviving the series.

This is thanks to an online survey Harmonix had been recently sending out to gamers. Basically the survey asks gamers is they still had their instrument controllers with them, which platform did they play most of their rhythm games on, and asked if they would prefer to see more DLCs or ports of previous games, or even an entirely brand new game.

All of this seems to suggest that Harmonix could be gauging the interest of gamers to see if they might be receptive to the idea of a new rhythm game from the developer. Of course there’s no way to actually be sure if Harmonix is planning a new game, but we guess the survey could be taken as a sign of interest at the very least.

That being said, Harmonix did mention that they could return to the Rock Band franchise in the future, so could this be the first sign of Harmonix looking to get themselves back in the game? What do you guys think? Would you be interested in playing a rhythm game today? Or do you think that the trend of such games has long died off?

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