hoverbikeThe original Hoverbike design was revealed a few years back in 2011, where a certain Chris Malloy came up with this particular idea of moving folks around in a futuristic looking mode of transportation. That dream has continued since then, with the Malloy Aeronautics team making a fair number of changes including ditching the dual rotor design and moving to that of a quad rotor design, all the while introducing additional stability credentials. In fact, Chris Malloy has not turned to Kickstarter to raise funds in order to make the second-generation Hoverbike drone a reality.

There is a quadcopter drone version of the Hoverbike which is capable of hitting a maximum speed of up to 45 mph, where it is also highly portable since one can fold it to a third of its full length. Not only that, the Hoverbike drone has also the ability to strap on a Go-Pro camera so that one will be able to make some really cool recordings as they fly the Hoverbike drone around the neighborhood.

Just how stable will it be? Well, it works this way – it can carry a glass of water without spilling a drop, making me feel as though this is the Takumi (of Initial D fame) of drones. Meant to be a proof of concept for the full-sized Hoverbike, a 3DR Pixhawk flight controller will help the user pilot it.

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