htc-desire-500It seems that HTC, buoyed by news that the company has experienced some profit after going through so many disappointing quarters in the past, look set to dive deeper into U.S. territory with @evleaks sharing that the HTC Desire 510 is set to arrive on Sprint. Of course, this is but a rumor without any kind of photos or leaked documents to substantiate it, so it is pretty much a stab in the dark, and it would be best to take a grain of salt along with this bit of information.

It remains to be seen whether this particular HTC Desire 510 will also be released elsewhere outside of the US, but it does sound as though it is an update, or rather, a successor to the HTC Desire 500 that was announced last year. If that is the case, then we could be looking at yet another entry level to mid-range device that will hit the market, where many people who are on a tight budget and yet want a functional smartphone will be able to look into owning one of these. Alternatively, it might very well be the US-variant of the HTC Desire 516 that was first released in the China market before it began to make its way across Europe.

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