ibellAny particular device or product that is going to be worth its salt these days seem to have to carry the “smart” prefix – from smartphones to smart cars and smart homes. How about a smart doorbell like the i-Bell? The i-Bell camera basically works this way – it lets you check out who has just rung your doorbell, and you can speak to them directly on your phone without having to get up from the comfort of your lazy chair.

Yup, the i-Bell is basically a video Wi-Fi doorbell that will allow homeowners to check out the person standing in front of their doorsteps, all without having to get up from your seat, chair, sofa or even bed unnecessarily. This £179.50 product is ideal to turn away unwanted guests, or you can simply let the newspaper delivery man know that his tips are in your mailbox, and to leave this evening’s edition of the paper in front of your doorsteps.

The i-Bell will hook up to your compatible smartphone or tablet over a Wi-Fi connection, and basically as long as you have Internet connectivity on your device, you can check out whoever drops by remotely, even when you are halfway around the world on a holiday. The thing is, will the i-Bell actually be able to make it as a Kickstarter project?

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