When it comes to the world of robots, we are more or less familiar with robots in an assembly line at a factory, but home robots? Those are still far away in the distant future, although the Japanese are working on developing home-friendly robots to cater to an aging population. Cynthia Breazeal, the head of the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab, intends to introduce a crowdfunding campaign which will let you pick up the Jibo family robot if all goes well.


Jibo will retail for $499 a pop, which is pretty affordable for consumers, while developers will have to fork out an additional Benjamin more if they would like one of these puppies. The pricing has placed it to be within range of a high end smartphone, so those who are thinking of upgrading their handsets might want to defer for a while more and pick up Jibo instead, if not for its novelty factor and nothing else.

Jibo intends to be part of the family in due time, and can function as an organizer, an education tool, even help out elderly family members. It supports your human network by bringing people closer together, and in its effort to be more efficient, folks ought to feel all the more connected. In fact, little children have shown to respond well to Jibo’s presence.

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