leagueoflegends-toxic-banWhen you play alone, there is no worry of offending anyone with your words other than yourself, although it does lack the element of teamwork and socialization. However, along with the good comes the bad, and that includes callous name calling which could lead to racist comments. League of Legends intends to bring such behavior to a halt as toxic players and racist comments could eventually serve a 14-day ban if deemed “guilty”.

Riot Games is currently exploring various methods to ensure that those with a less than desirable personality online while playing should be banned from the game. Testing out a new system that will eventually result in tougher ban policies, Riot’s Lead Designer of Social Systems, Jeffrey Lin, shared that there will be new changes introduced in due time to cut out such toxic gamers from the equation.

Basically, this particular “justice” system is meant to punish players who have sent out extremely insensitive comments or exhibited offensive conduct, including bandying death threats around as well as making racist remarks. I suppose in any kind of situation, be it sports in the real world or in a virtual arena, passion runs high that might cause some of us to lose our heads – literally, but that is no excuse for such behavior of course.

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