lol tutorAs much as we’d like to be good at every single video game out there, there are just some gamers who are naturally better at certain types of games, whether it be RPGs, RTS, FPS, and so on. Of course practice makes perfect but if you’d like to get better at games like League of Legends, it seems that over in South Korea you will soon be able to start to hiring tutors.

This is a new service (via Gamemeca) that expects to debut in South Korea later this August. It basically enlists eSports athletes to give players tip on how to improve their game in League of Legends in real-time as they play. This will be done via a secondary window on their computer in which the tutor will be able to give the player instructions as well as draw on it.

It should be noted that in no way does the tutor play the game or control your character, so basically they’d be coaching you as you play, as opposed to playing it for you. Some of the tutors that will be part of this new service includes League of Legends pros like SBS, LongPanda, Pecko, and Ring Troll.

Now the service isn’t just for players and it also affords retired gamers at a chance to make some money and impart their knowledge to budding gamers and gamers looking to improve themselves. While League of Legends is the only game supported at the moment, the service is expected to expand at a later date to include other MOBA titles such as DotA 2.

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