02 Challenge Connection PageHaving a bunch of healthy employees is a good thing for a company. This is because being healthy and leading an active lifestyle has usually been associated with a person having more energy in the day and being a lot more mentally alert, as opposed to being lazy and lethargic. For those unfamiliar, Limeade is a company that helps other companies’ employees get into shape through their employee engagement platform.

Today the company has announced that their employee engagement platform supports more than 80 wearable device and fitness apps, meaning that regardless of what an employee chooses to use to measure their fitness, it should play nicely with Limeade’s platform, which in turn allows them to compete against their colleagues, gain feedback and support, and ultimately earn rewards for accomplishing certain tasks.

According to Henry Albrecht, the CEO of Limeade, “Personal choice is vital to help employees reach their potential. People want to use the device or app that meets their – and their companies’ – needs and budgets. Choice is key to driving sustained engagement.” Devices and apps that are supported include Nike+, Fitbit, Withings, Garmin, Jawbone, Moves, Bodymedia, iHealth, FitBug, MapMyFitness, Misfit, Movable, RunKeeper, Strava, and more.

Justin Jed, the company’s VP of Product Management adds, “When someone syncs a device or app they are more likely to engage in their employer’s well-being program, which helps drive the long-lasting cultural and organizational change our customers are striving for.”

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