We have learned earlier today that the Cortana digital assistant from Microsoft was not thought up of as a knee jerk reaction to the likes of Siri, as it has its predecessor in the form of Louise. Microsoft did demonstrate Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1 in the past, where one niggling question that appeared was this – when will Cortana, if ever, arrive on other platforms? So far, there has been whispers about Cortana heading to the Windows platform, and in the video above, it shows just how Cortana could be integrated within the Windows 8 environment.


While the video above is relatively old, as the age of it can be inferred by how Microsoft referred to the modern UI by calling it Metro, it does point out what a Windows 8-powered device that runs on Cortana could possibly resemble. The personal digital assistant remains in the top drawer, and it does appear to come in pretty handy when loaded on a tablet. No idea yet as to whether Cortana will arrive on Windows 8, but it ought to come eventually, don’t you think so?

Perhaps the delay so far in Cortana integration within Windows 8 was Microsoft’s way of ensuring the technology is perfected as far as possible before debuting on a major platform like Windows 8.

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