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There has been no shortage of rumors about Samsung preparing a smartphone that is fashioned out of metal. It was initially believed to offer two versions of the Galaxy S5 side by side, one plastic and the other metal. However Samsung only released the plastic version of the Galaxy S5 and no one knows when the metal one is going to be released. Recently there have been rumors about a metal clad smartphone called the Galaxy Alpha and a new rumor suggests that it will be released in limited quantity.

Rumor has it that Samsung will have to turn towards Chinese manufacturers to get the metal casing for this smartphone, since the ones located in Taiwan are mostly controlled by Apple and those that remain can apparently only produce up to one million metal shells in one month.

Since the device is expected to be released this August and production is believed to be in early stages, this could force Samsung into releasing the Galaxy Alpha in limited quantity. The company has already done this previously with the Galaxy Round and Galaxy J.

But does that mean these supply chain issues could affect Samsung’s plans for a metal Galaxy Note 4? Just yesterday it was rumored that two variants of the Note 4 will be offered, you guessed it, one plastic and one metal. Though its still too soon to form any notions about the company’s next generation phablet.

The fact of the matter is that rumors from unofficial sources can’t be taken at face value. Only Samsung is truly aware of its plans and its mum about metal clad smartphones or phablets, so we can only wait and see what happens.

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