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Microsoft had already confirmed a long time back that it would allow retail Xbox One units to be used as developer kits. This was one feature that would have no doubt appealed to independent developers as they wouldn’t have to shell out money for a standalone dev kit. But earlier today several reports appeared online which claimed that Microsoft had backtracked on its promise and that it would no longer allow retail Xbox One units to be used for development. Fortunately the company has released a statement ending all speculation in its tracks.

DigitalSpy reported earlier today that the Xbox Advanced Technology Group’s Martin Fuller said during an audience Q&A session that there were “no plans” for this feature, adding that while it was an “admirable goal” to use retail units as dev kits, “it hasn’t happened unfortunately, can’t tell you the specifics of exactly why not.”

This is obviously contrary to the promise that Microsoft made to those who signed up for the ID@Xbox program last August. The company was quick to set the record straight. It has said in a statement that the comments made today were “inaccurate.”

The company also added that it is committed to providing the best possible solutions for hobbyists and developers to create games for its latest gaming console, Microsoft promises to share more details “at a later date.”

Rest easy now, independent developers, Microsoft won’t take away the feature you have all been longing for.

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