While many reviews have heaped praise on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 the tablet’s launch hasn’t gone too smoothly. A software update that was released prior to the tablet being shipped seemed to have given birth to a networking bug which has been experience by many Surface Pro 3 users. A thread in the company’s support forums is filled with complaints about this issue. Finally a couple of days after this bug first came to light Microsoft has formally acknowledged it.

The bug affects users when the Surface Pro 3 tablet is woken up from sleep. In some circumstances the Wi-Fi and network connections driver goes missing after the tablet is woken up from Instant Go, a low power state which updates notifications and refreshes email. A workaround is to restart the tablet but its inconvenient.

Josh_F, a member of Microsoft’s support staff on its forums, has confirmed that all of the feedback regarding this bug has been shared with the relevant team. He says that the company is “working to address this” and that an update will be available soon for Surface Pro 3 owners to take care of this once and for all.

Since this is a problem rooted in the software it shouldn’t take that much time for Microsoft to come up with a fix. Moreover since there’s nothing wrong with the hardware on the tablet itself, this is nothing to worry about. Maybe in a couple of days a software update for the Surface Pro 3 will be released and we’ll just put all this behind us.

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