nokia x2 4One of the way Nokia has managed to distinguish its Windows Phone lineup and its Android lineup would be its naming scheme. For example Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets fall under the Lumia branding, while their Android offerings are part of the Nokia X family. Interestingly enough a rumor from @evleaks has suggested that Microsoft could be looking to consolidate the brand.

Assuming that this is true, future Nokia Android powered handsets could be part of the Nokia Lumia lineup. We can’t be sure how true this is, simply because it could add to the confusion as customers who are less tech savvy might have a hard time differentiating Windows Phone and Android, especially since Nokia uses a forked version of Android.

At the same time we are hearing how Microsoft could see be branding their Nokia handsets as “Nokia by Microsoft”, so perhaps that could be one way of clearing up the confusion. In any case it’s actually still pretty interesting that Microsoft could still be considering releasing additional Android handsets in the future.

However given that Android has a larger reach and with the Nokia X series of handsets being priced affordably, perhaps Microsoft is hoping to cover more ground in developing markets with both low-end Android and Windows Phone handsets. In the meantime what do you guys think? How do you feel about Microsoft potentially using the Lumia brand for its Android lineup in the future?

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