Presenter-View-in-PowerPoint-for-iPadWhenever a software is first released, naturally there will be some griping about how come there isn’t this feature, or why is this feature not working, and so on. Well Microsoft’s Office for iPad was faced with those comments at the start, such as the lack of a print function which was soon addressed.

That being said, Microsoft has since issued a new update for Office for iPad that will hopefully appease users and help make the app more appealing to those who are still looking for alternatives. Starting with PowerPoint, Microsoft has introduced a Presenter View where presenters will be able see their notes and see which slides are coming up next.

Sorting-a-column-in-a-PivotTable-in-Excel-for-iPadThey have also made it so that users can insert videos and photos from their Camera Roll directly into the app itself. They have also added new eraser and pen settings to make better annotations, and also easier editing of hyperlinks. As for Excel, Microsoft introduced PivotTables with the latest update to the app.

Users will be able to sort, filter, expand, and collapse cells, show data, and also change the look and feel of their tables. In fact Microsoft has also added some keyboard shortcuts that Excel users might be familiar with, such as the F2/CTRL+U keyboard shortcut that lets you switch between modes.

Export-to-PDF-in-Word-for-iPadMicrosoft has also added the Export to PDF functionality. According to Microsoft, this feature will be open to anyone who uses the app, regardless of whether they have an active Office 365 subscription or not. So if these are changes that sounds like it could make Office for iPad more functional, the update should be available for download so hit up the iTunes App Store to check it out!

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