microsoft-logoNot too long, Google released a diversity report which found that the majority of Google employees were male. To help change that and to encourage more women to join them or at least enter the tech space, they launched a Made With Code program. It’s an interesting idea and now it looks like Microsoft has similar plans of their own.

According to a recent post by Microsoft Research, it seems that the Redmond company is hoping to encourage more women to enter and to stay in the tech space. This was done through a workshop titled, “Tips and Tools for Scientific Research Success” and was held at the Cambridge lab in the UK last month.

To highlight just how few women there are in the tech scene, Microsoft’s research found that out of the UK’s 400,000 or so higher education graduates, fewer than 3% held computer science degrees. Within that 3%, only 17% of them were women. The workshop gave attendees some hands-on experience with Microsoft Azure and taught them how to create data-drive WordPress blogs in a short amount of time.

Microsoft has revealed that they are planning on holding another workshop later this fall, so if you are interested in seeing what Microsoft has to offer and if you’d like to get into the tech field yourself, Microsoft has asked those who are interested to shoot an email to

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