It seems that the most recent pre-release, update test code for Minecraft that is known as Snapshot will bring along the ideal trinity – bug fixes, performance improvements and new items/characters that will definitely go some ways in enhancing gameplay while bringing it to a whole new level. In fact, as you can see not too long into the video above, this particular Minecraft Snapshot would introduce an animal that is synonymous with the brand Playboy – bunnies!


It goes without saying that these furry, highly pixelized animals which are oh-so-cute in the real world have made their way into the world of Minecraft, and there are just so many hopping around that you begin to wonder whether they have begun to populate on their own in the Minecraft environment.

The family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha (a fancy, scientific method of calling them bunnies) will arrive in 8 kinds of varieties, where one of them will be a hostile bunny, just to add some flavor and color to the entire shebang. Obviously, sticking to the stereotype that rabbits love carrots, you are able to tame them using those – and breed them. Rabbits, when killed, will drop leather, rabbit meat and rabbit’s feet. [Press Release]

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