mobile-octI am quite sure that for many of us, me included, living without my smartphone would be a disaster. How else am I going to get Waze traffic updates in order to make sure that I am as efficient as possible when it comes to making my way across town during rush hour traffic? Apart from that, where can I find information at my fingertips as and when required? Of course, the smartphone never ceases to amaze me the more powerful it gets, since the list of features and capabilities continue to expand in due time. The MobileOCT extends the borders of a smartphone’s abilities even further, where it might transform your communications tool into a potentially life-saving device by detecting cervical cancer.

Right now, it seems to be able to detect cervical cancer only, but there are advancements being made to the app to eventually encompass the likes of oral and skin cancers, too. The MobileOCT app will work in tandem with a clip-on lens system that will make use of the handset’s current camera in order to accurately screen for and detect cervical cancer.

All that you need to do is encase your smartphone into the MobileOCT case, make adjustments to its 10x zoom lens, and start to capture life saving images. If you would like to experience a greater level of control, there is always the option to make use of the wireless (battery operated) handle which will hook up to the system, giving you an additional powerful light source for greater visibility. The MobileOCT remains an Indiegogo project at the moment and still has some ways to go before it can be realized.

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