When the Moto 360 was announced this year, safe to say that the smartwatch was definitely in a class of its own in terms of design. Other OEMs have gone for square-ish displays while Motorola has decided that they will keep to more traditional watch designs, thus resulting in what we’re sure many can admit is a beautiful device.

That being said apart from its design, we have heard how the Moto 360 plans to stand out from the competition by offering wireless charging, and now according to a video by TechCrunch, it looks like that the Moto 360 will be coming with an additional sensor that other OEMs have neglected – an ambient light sensor.

Is this important? Well we suppose it is because depending on the lighting situation, you might have to crank up your watch’s brightness manually, at least on devices from LG and Samsung. So by embedding an ambient light sensor, the watch will be able to adjust its brightness itself so that you won’t have to bother.

The sensor is similar to that of the ones in our smartphones where if the phone detects that it is extremely sunny out, the phone’s brightness will be turned up, but if it is too dark, the brightness will be turned out, so as not to be too glaring. While it’s not exactly a groundbreaking feature, it’s these little conveniences and attention to detail that helps set it apart.

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