Music is definitely something that will be able to alter moods, for the better or for worse. Over the years, the kinds and genres of music have definitely changed to move with the times, and it is interesting to note that Music Vault’s YouTube video channel has revealed a slew of classic concert videos to the masses – we are talking about a whopping 12,000 of those in total. Some of the concert videos include those from The Who, Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, just to name a few.

According to the Music Vault group, this has definitely been a labor of love, considering how they spent the better part of the previous two years being involved in “restoring, transferring, mixing and mastering thousands of tapes from (its) enormous archive” for the spanking new collection. We are talking about 12,000 plus videos, edging close to the 13,000 mark, that takes up approximately 2,000 hours of your time to view them all. That would be 83 days or so of non-stop viewing, now how about that for a video overload?

I do wonder how long will it take prior to copyright laws kicking in, only to have all of that hard work being removed from YouTube. I would warrant it would be best to check as many videos as possible first before anything happens.

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