Headphones come in all shapes and sizes and while they’re great for listening to music in private without disturbing the people around us, then can also be worn as a fashion statement, as we can clearly see in today’s society where the average Joe and celebrities are sporting Beats headphones because they are “in”.

Well if you’re looking for a way to stand out, then perhaps the Strobe headphones by Noma might be of interest to you. These are regular headphones but here’s the kicker, the cable that connects your headphones to your media player comes with built-in lights that will actually strobe to the music you’re playing, hence the name.

It’s a pretty novel feature but at the same time it’s pretty cool. We reckon it could see a lot of use at parties where you can just leave the music playing and use the lights to create funky rave-like effects. It can also be worn for sports and might be handy when running at night to let someone know that you’re there, and so on.

According to Noma’s description of the headphones, “This headset features high definition acoustics for superior sound. An on board microphone allows for hands free phone calls and voice activated commands.” It will feature 10mm speakers, an aluminum coated finish, a battery life of 3 hours, and the cable will run 3.6 feet. It will be priced at $49.95 and if you’d like to see the headphones in action, check out the video above.

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