warcraft logoWe know that many of you guys are looking forward to the World of Warcraft movie. Say what you will about movies based on video games, but given the popularity of the Warcraft franchise and the sheer number of players Blizzard has managed to command until today for the World of Warcraft MMORPG, safe to say that many are at the very least curious.

That being said we’re still a couple of years away from actually seeing the movie, but it seems that Legendary Pictures has officially revealed the logo of the upcoming Warcraft movie, which you can see for yourselves in the image above. The unveiling was done during at the San Diego Comic-Con at Legendary’s booth.

It’s an interesting logo and it definitely has deviated away from the fantasy feel that Blizzard has given it. In fact it almost looks like it could be a logo designed for a sci-fi game, not one based on medieval fantasy. Perhaps Legendary might revamp it based on feedback, who knows, but for now, this is what moviegoers can look forward to.

The Warcraft movie has finally completed filming a couple of months ago. In fact this isn’t the first time Legendary has teased movie details. Back in 2013’s Comic-Con, the studio shared a teaser during their panel, but unfortunately it was shown for attendees only and was not made available online. So, what do you guys think? Anyone digging the logo?

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