iphone farmerWe all know that sinking feeling when you realize that you’ve lost your phone or that it has been damaged beyond repair. After all some of our phones are pretty expensive and the idea of having to shell out money for it again can be a heart wrenching situation for some. We can only assume that’s how an Oklahoma farmer by the name of Kevin Whitney felt when he dropped his iPhone into a 140 ton vat of grains.

Naturally some effort was made to try and retrieve it before Whitney realized that it was kind of pointless. Now turns out that some of his grains were shipped over to Japan and nine months later, Whitney received a call from Japan, asking him if he had lost his phone. He said that he did, gave the man on the other line his address, and not too long after his phone finally made its way home.

According to the report, the two million bushels or sorghum traveled from Chickasha, Oklahoma down to Mississippi, through the Panama Canal, and all the way to a mill in Kashima, Japan. Whitney claims that when he received his phone, there wasn’t a scratch of it and that it still worked, with all of his family photos intact.

That is a pretty long trip indeed. We guess if there’s one thing you can take away from this is that you should always backup the contents of your phone, so even if the device is damaged, at the very least your photos and contacts should still be safe.

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