onewatchWhen it comes to the world of smartwatches, more and more companies do look as though they are about the jump aboard the bandwagon. OnePlus, a company which has been rumored to ditch CyanogenMod for their very own ROM on their smartphone that is known as the OnePlus One, is back in the news with rumors of a possible OnePlus smartwatch that is in the pipeline.

What you see above happens to be one of those design sketches, where the OneWatch (which is what we will call it for now) will deliver some of the most desirable features in the market at the moment – including a circular display that Samsung might look into for their future iteration of smartwatches, and is already present in the likes of the Moto 360 today.

Assuming the OnePlus OneWatch turns out to be an actual device, it might just feature a curved battery inside to boot, where the timepiece’s power source has been embedded right into its strap which will be a brilliant space saving move. There is one particular drawback to this though – it will limit user customization when it comes to the aftermarket straps market, which could prove lucrative if the timepiece is popular.

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