Oneplus tabWhile the OnePlus One is a handset that is highly anticipated, due to the fact that it is a new brand and a phone that came with CyanogenMod preinstalled, it was somewhat marred by the delays which made it pretty hard for customers to get their hands on the device. After all it’s a bit hard to love a product if you can’t even get your hands on it, right?

While we’re sure OnePlus is working out the kinks, since they are a new company after all, it seems that the company might have a new product in the works called the OnePlus Tab. This is according to a screenshot obtained by @evleaks which shows off the OnePlus Tab link spotted on the company’s website.

However the page is an alpha build of their website, which might explain why the link might have appeared as the company could have been testing out their design. Unfortunately there’s not much information regarding the device at the moment, save for its name, but what do you guys think? Given the somewhat rocky launch of the OnePlus One, will the company’s customers have faith that they will be able to deliver a tablet in a timely manner?

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