Chinese manufacturer Oppo may have something new up its sleeve. The company has teased through its Twitter account a new device which it claims offers “best audio quality.” The teaser image only shows us a box which seems to have been made out of polished wood. Nowhere does it say that its a new smartphone or tablet so for all we know Oppo might be getting into the premium headphone game. Or maybe it is a smartphone that has been kitted with high quality audio technology?

We’ll have to wait for the official announcement from Oppo to be absolutely sure. This teaser was posted on Oppo’s Indonesian Twitter account. The tweet itself was posted in Indonesian and its translation hints of a “high quality” device that offers the “best audio quality.”

It could be that Oppo sees audio as a major differentiating factor for its devices. Not a lot of manufacturers are paying too close attention to high quality audio on their mobile devices. HTC had a partnership deal with Beats but the manufacturer has already sold back its stake in the premium audio company, which has now been acquired by Apple.

Oppo isn’t going to make us wait long to find out exactly what this high quality device is. My money is on a premium pair of headphones, but it could very well be a new smartphone.



It has been pointed out to me that the device in question is actually the Oppo PM-1 headphones that were unveiled about a month or so back. Indeed it is the $1,000 headphones that have been teased here, most likely it was a regional release.

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