diablo modBlizzard’s original Diablo was one of the more defining action RPGs back in the day, although there were some who criticized the game for its never-ending point and click action from start to end. That being said, it seems that someone decided to give the game a revival in the form of a mod for Divinity: Original Sin.

Dubbed Diablo: Original Sin, the mod basically recreates the original town of Tristram from the first Diablo game. If you’ve never played the original Diablo game then this map might not necessarily make sense to you. However if you played Diablo 2, you would have ventured into the area, albeit somewhat different with all of its inhabitants killed.

In any case we have to admit that so far what the modder, docalypse, did is pretty impressive. It might not necessarily look exactly like Tristram, but it’s pretty close in terms of the layout of the houses and even the cathedral in the background. There are even a few NPCs that gamers can possibly interact with, like back in the day.

According to the docalypse, his mod will feature 25 hand crafted levels which will include the Hellfire expansion levels, new quests, traps, doors that require lockpicking, puzzles, full dialogue and lore, and he has even borrowed some of the music from Diablo and Diablo 2 to help make it more authentic. He plans on releasing a demo once the first dungeon level is complete, but in the meantime you can check out the photos for the details.

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