One can’t really understand the internet. Sometimes things that make absolutely no sense at all are immediately propelled to fame and fortune online. Earlier this week a rather interesting crowdfunding campaign went online on Kickstarter. Zack Danger Brown wanted $10 to make a potato salad. Over $38,000 has already been pledged with 24 days still to go in the campaign. No one really knows why people are pouring money into this but inevitably it has given birth to knockoffs, which is just really sad if you think about it.

Kickstarter is now filled with knockoffs that seek similar funding for $10 with obviously the intention of getting a lot more through pledges. There are campaigns from people who want funding to make bacon, a bacon sculpture, egg salad, coleslaw, a pizza, BBQ ribs and an omelette. Someone who probably couldn’t come up with anything else simply started a campaign as he’s also making a potato salad.

All of those projects, and more, have been documented by Kickstopper. On most campaigns there’s no feedback and not a single dollar has been pledged, it serves as proof that the internet is unpredictable at best. It might be pouring thousands of dollars in the original potato salad kickstarter but no one is going to pay heed to any of these knockoffs.

Still that won’t stop people who wish to make a quick buck but as we all know, its really not that easy to fool the internetz.

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