htc-logo2Now this might sound rather far fetched and out of this world, but what if you were told that there is an upcoming smartphone that caters to all selfie lovers, where this particular handset will be called the HTC Eye. Carrying the moniker HTC Eye happens to give the game away right from the get go, and could very well be the de facto smartphone to fall back on if you happen to love snapping selfies every single day.


@evleaks claims that the folks over at AT&T happen to be testing out this particular selfie handset already, and it is rather unfortunate for everyone that there are no images, no matter how blurry, of the HTC Eye yet to date, making it very difficult to substantiate the existence of such a smartphone in this day and age. Considering how the HTC Eye looks set to be a selfie phone, we do wonder just what kind of front-facing camera will see action here?

After all, it is not too strange to see the front facing camera come with a higher and higher megapixel count than ever before, so a selfie phone might just be able to top all of that with some jaw dropping figures. Heck, even the Mars rover Curiosity is also into selfies!

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