samsung-logoCompanies such as Apple and Samsung have typically come under fire from all sorts of human rights groups. This is due to both companies selling huge amounts of products, which in turn requires a lot of manpower to produce. In order to meet deadlines and reduce costs, sometimes some corners have been cut.

So far both companies have done a good job at ensuring that they have done away with such violations, but recently Samsung has come under fire once again and has been accused of using child labor in their Chinese factories. This is according to a report from the Child Labor Watch out of New York, who alleges that Samsung hired children workers who had to work up to 11 hours a day without overtime pay.

Samsung has since denied this allegations, but have also promised that they are urgently looking into these allegations nonetheless. In fact Samsung seems a little puzzled by these new allegations, especially since there have been several inspections in the past few years in which not a single child worker turned up.

Previously Samsung had vowed to wipe out such practices and are even looking to help prevent their own suppliers from hiring children. In fact Samsung even went as far as saying that they would have no problems severing ties with their suppliers who did not abide by their requests.

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