samsung-logoIn the frenzy of the World Cup, where Brazil’s hopes of winning the trophy for the record sixth time appeared to have been scuppered with a knee to the back of the mercurial Neymar, all is not lost yet. The host nation looks forward to the semifinal match against Germany in slightly more than 15 hours’ time. Unfortunately for a Samsung Electronics Co Ltd factory that is located near Sao Paulo, that factory undergone a heist, where workers were even held hostage by the robbers, and in the process of it all, smartphones, tablets and notebook computers were trucked away, where the estimated losses have amounted to $36 million as at press time.


Needless to say, this particularly dramatic heist occurred when armed robbers carjacked a shuttle that the factory employees used, in order to get in and start ransacking the area of its goods.

In fact, a total of 7 trucks were driven away, and these trucks held more than 40,000 Samsung products. Unfortunately, the long arm of the law has yet been able to identify any of the suspects involved, and the approximately 100 employees who were present at the factory during the robbery were unable to do much to prevent them from carting away with the goods. Here’s to hunting down the culprits and bringing them to book.

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