There are phablets, and then there are phablets, but the Samsung Galaxy TabQ pushes straight for the tablet category. Its a new device from Samsung that has a 7-inch display but one of its main features is that it supports voice calling. So customers can stick up this device to their ear and make phone calls, no matter how unusual it would look to have a device of this size pressed up to the ear.

Devices that have large displays that fall below 7-inches are informally called phablets. That’s because they don’t have the screen size of a traditional smartphone or that of a traditional tablet, they kind of hover in between. Samsung has been one of the biggest pushers of phablets in the market and has seen considerable success with its Galaxy Note lineup.

We have seen 7-inch tablets with voice calling ability before as well but it just seems unlikely that someone would pick this product up as their primary mobile phone. It isn’t exactly easy to carry a 7-inch tablet in your pocket at all times.

Anyway, the Samsung Galaxy TabQ comes with a 720p 7-inch display and a 1.2GHz quadcore processor. There’s an 8 megapixel rear and 2 megapixel front facing camera with a 3,200mAh battery. Storage can be extended to 64GB through microSD cards.

This device is currently available in China but its only a matter of time before the Samsung Galaxy TabQ gets released in other markets around the world.

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