singapore airlinesUsing personal electronic devices during a flight has always been a somewhat contentious issue, with some arguing that it interferes with the electronics in the plane, which is why in the, airline companies would remind passengers to turn off electronics during the takeoff and landing stages of the flight.

However recently governing bodies such as the FAA and the EASA have begun to ease up on those restrictions, legally allowing passengers to use their electronics at all stages of the flight. Now according to reports, it seems that over in Singapore, the country’s Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has announced that they too will be relaxing their rules.

Passengers flying on a number of different Singapore airlines will be able to use their electronics at all stages of the flight, save for making calls or transmitting data from mobile devices as it would have to be set in airplane mode. According to CAAS, this is because voice calls require a much stronger signal that could interfere with aircraft systems.

The participating aircrafts will also have to ensure that their aircrafts are up to a certain standard and will need to conduct safety risk assessments. This is to ensure that the electronics used by passengers will truly not affect the communication systems of the planes.

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