smartphone-satisfactionSurveys do provide a general idea on the behavior and thought process of the masses, although it is not exactly downright accurate at times, but is still a good way to get a “feeling” about a particular situation. When it comes to job satisfaction, you might want to increase yours by being addicted to your smartphone. What..?!? Yes, that’s right, apparently some research has been done that drew up parallels between checking up on your smartphone frequently with a corresponding higher level of job satisfaction.

Sooyeol Kim, a doctoral student at Kansas State University, is currently looking into how new technology will be able to do its bit when it comes to alleviating fatigue at the workplace. According to Kim, there is value in “microbreaks,” which used to be hanging around the water cooler, but has since been replaced with checking your smartphone for new Facebook updates or perhaps getting a quick Candy Crush fix, as such action purportedly makes your brain fresher afterwards, which inadvertently might increase your performance level at work – which will end up in a higher job satisfaction rating.

Of course, it might not help if you’re doing well but your boss continues to be a pain in the behind!

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