lumia-selfieWhispers have it that Microsoft is currently looking for an opportunity to roll out what they deem to be a “selfie phone” which is called the Lumia Superman. That’s not all, as Microsoft’s Stephen Elop did not only show off the Lumia Superman this week during an internal company meeting according to the Verge, but an affordable but pretty pumped up Windows Phone smartphone called the Lumia Tesla (at this point in time anyways) was also showcased.

The Lumia Tesla is touted to follow in the footsteps of the Lumia Superman, where an official announcement is touted to be made some time in the near future. Do take note that the yellow smartphone shown above happens to be the Lumia 1020, where it is the first PureView camera-infused Windows Phone handset.

The world is constantly on the lookout for brand new devices and upcoming “sequels” to current gadgets, and one of the fastest moving devices in the industry would be the smartphone market. After all, we are already in our fifth iteration of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone in just a few years’ time, in addition to making it to the iPhone 5s since 2007. Hence, it is not surprising to see how Microsoft is moving forward with their Lumia range in the latest round of leaks.

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