steve-wozniak-windows-phoneSteve Wozniak, one of the co-founders of Apple with Steve Jobs and also the brains behind one of the first computers from Apple, did share something that I would like to think most people already know – working with the late Steve Jobs is not exactly the easiest thing to do, thanks to Jobs’ drive for perfection all the time. He was crafted from a different mold, had plenty of vision, determination and drive, but probably could work more on his people skills. Then again, Apple might not have arrived at where it is today without those exact “anti-human” qualities, so to speak.

Wozniak shared, “I judge people by how nice they are, and I was brought up to be nice. I just don’t make (enemies); I’m a non-conflict person. Steve Jobs had a lot of these questionable things, like some of my very best friends in Apple … almost all of them said they would never, ever work for Steve Jobs again. It was that bad.”

Never to work for Steve Jobs again? I suppose if Steve were to be alive, he would most probably find someone else who would be willing to work for and with him. Sir Jony Ive has forged a pretty strong partnership with Steve Jobs, and we do not hear of any outbursts or traits that Jobs had in him, if any. I suppose it all boils down to chemistry or temperament and how some personalities can simply gel with one another, while others find it difficult to blend. Of course, Wozniak did mention that Jobs had changed his personality over the passage of time, and that more or less applies to each and every one of us – just how “elastic” our journey is from the original path varies.

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