tesla-burnsThe Tesla Model S has come into the news before for wrapping itself around a utility pole, resulting in a temporary blackout for homes in the vicinity – which is pretty ironic for an electric car to cause such a thing to happen. Well, this time around, it is yet another Tesla Model S that has hit the headlines, having been cut into half first before it caught fire. Just how did this monstrosity of an event happen to such a desirable ride?


Well, an American car thief apparently smashed into a synagogue after a high speed car chase by the Los Angeles police. The Tesla Model S managed to hit an estimated top speed of 160kph during the chase, where after the crash, the ride split in two – with the rear section ”parking” itself at the synagogue’s doorway, whereas momentum carried the front half of the car out to the street as it subsequently caught fire. As for the car thief, he remains in critical condition after the crash.

Throughout this ordeal, there were another five people in other vehicles who bore the brunt of the stolen Tesla Model S’ escape stunt, with five of them in total injured, where one of them happen to be in critical condition. Well, this is not the first time that we have seen a Tesla Model S end up in half, where a previous example was turned into a Deskla.

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