There’s a lot of money to be made in China’s console market which was recently opened up to allow next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the country. In a few months time both consoles will go on sale in the People’s Republic, even though the country’s gray market provides gamers with almost everything they need.

The new consoles going on sale through official channels will no doubt be a hit to this business but for customers it would mean warranties they can actually claim and not having to pay premiums on prices. As for which console customers will prefer more, an online survey conducted in China leans in favor of Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The survey was conducted by NetEase, a Chinese news portal. It asked visitors to its website if they would buy the PS4 or Xbox One, or if they’re go with the PS Vita/Vita TV or if they’d buy all of these gaming systems.

A total of 6488 people have been surveyed so far with 57.3 percent voting that they would purchase a Sony PlayStation 4. 10 percent said that they would pick up an Xbox One whereas 19 percent said that they would continue to shop for consoles through the country’s gray market.

This survey makes it seem like people in China are more interested in Sony’s console than Microsoft’s. It would make sense since the PlayStation brand is technically not new in China, Sony did sell the PlayStation 2 there as PSPs were quite popular in the country even though they were never officially released there.

Xbox One is going to be launched in China this September, the PS4 will follow soon after that.

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