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Through its equipment installment plan or EIP T-Mobile allows customers to spread out the payments for their new smartphone. EIP has been a hit with customers ever since the carrier went on its “uncarrier” initiative and changed the way it did business. We heard rumors a few weeks ago that T-Mobile would soon allow customers to purchase accessories on the equipment installment plan as well. The carrier confirmed this in a blog post today, it will let customers finance accessories priced between $69-$250 on EIP.

Accessories are no longer what they used to be. Think beyond the carrying case or silicone skin. Now accessories include pricey headphones and smartwatches which can cost over $200 at the very least. So even if the customer pays no money down for the smartphone he or she still has to pay money upfront for any accessory bought with the device.

This changes that. For example customers can now pick up an LG Tone Pro hands-free handset worth $69.99 for $0 down and make equal monthly payments of $2.91 for 24 months with zero interest. $250 is the maximum but if there’s a $300 accessory one wants on EIP, then a down payment will be required to cover the $50 difference.

The accessories financing plan on EIP goes live this Sunday, July 20th. Customers can get more information about rates for a particular accessory from T-Mobile stores.

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