Tesla owners can now fulfill their Michael Knight fantasies thanks to an unofficial app for Tesla cars. The app is called Tesla Command and it allows you to control certain things about the car straight from your wrist. Tesla Command is available for Android Wear powered smartwatches, of which there are a few available in the market right now.

Obviously the ultimately fantasy would be to have the watch talk back to you but unfortunately Tesla Command isn’t capable of that, unless you count honking the horn remotely as a response, because that it can do.

The feature list is pretty simple. Install the app on your Android Wear smartwatch and it will allow you to lock and unlock the doors, open and close the sunroof as well as honk the horn straight from your wrist. It won’t drive the car and probably won’t make your friends call you Michael Knight.

Tesla has an official app for its cars as well but its only available for smartphones, not wearable devices. The feature list is quite extensive as well. The app can be used to track the car’s location, check mileage and the battery level.

This nifty little app from a third party developer can’t do all of that, but its own set of features is pretty neat as it is.

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