Sitting in front of the computer all day is not a healthy lifestyle, as we’re sure many of you guys have realized thanks to a bunch of health articles out there. This is why concepts like the standing desk and treadmill desk have caught on as it is supposedly a healthier alternative. However if you absolutely have to sit, perhaps the Cubii could be a device of interest to you.

Developed by FitnessCubed, the Cubii is basically a small device that sits under your desk so that you can keep pedaling away while at work, getting in some exercise in the process. Does it power your desk’s electricity? No. So why would you do it then? Well like we said, exercise. In fact the Cubii will be paired with a smartphone app where you can see how much you’d pedaled.

This allows co-workers to compete against each other in a bid to stay healthy while motivating each other to do better. According to Arnav Dalmia, the co-founder of FitnessCubed, “Most of us spend our day sitting, and sitting inactive is not healthy. Even if we take out time and go to the gym every day, sitting for longer hours is still harmful for us because human beings have not evolved to sit for long periods.”

Now it remains to be seen if Cubii will actually do anything in terms of keeping people healthy while working at their desk, but if you’re interested and don’t mind forking out $350 for one of your own, you can head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details, or check out the video above to see it in action.

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