newbee dota2As you might have heard, the DotA 2 finals took place the past couple of days and it looks like the winners have officially been crowned! For those who have yet to watch the finals, then we suggest you might want to close this window as there will be spoilers, but for those who don’t care, then you might be interested to learn that Chinese team, Newbee, took home the first place.

What does this mean? Well it means that the team managed to net a cool $5,028,174 in prize money! That’s a lot of money and we can’t imagine what they plan to do with it. As for the second place, it was also another Chinese team by the name of ViCi Gaming where they managed to nab $1,475,660 in prize money.

Newbee’s win over ViCi was somewhat controversial as many had thought ViCi to be the superior team, although the way they played in the finals left many scratching their heads. Some felt that they called “good game” too early and didn’t seem like their hearts were into it, but either way it looks like we have a new champion for now.

Along with the ViCi losing, Na`Vi’s lost was also somewhat upsetting to many fans, especially since the team had made it into the grand finals on more than one occasion. However we expect that there will be another The International DotA 2 tournament in 2015, and with this year’s competition managing to raise a whopping $10 million in prize money, we have to wonder how much 2015’s prize pool will be!

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