One of the most popular games from 2013 will soon be available for PlayStation 4. The Last of US Remastered is going to be released on July 29th. PS4 fans have been waiting for a long time since this title was a hit on the PlayStation 3 and because the new console doesn’t have backward compatibility, most of us haven’t been able to see what the buzz was all about. While we have less than a month to wait for the North American release, The Last of Us fans in Japan will have to wait until August to get their hands on this title.

It was announced by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia today that The Last of US Remastered as well as all the content that will be released in the West, will be available in Japan come August 21st. That’s nearly one month after this title goes live in other markets.

What might be the reason for this delay? Perhaps Sony wants to boost console sales on its home turf. The Last of Us was quite popular in Japan on the PlayStation 3, selling 122,000 copies in its first week alone. Over 240,000 copies were sold soon after the launch making it one of the most popular Western games in the Land of the Rising Sun.

By boosting sales Sony would further extend the lead PS4 has over the Xbox One. So far Sony’s console has outsold Microsoft’s new Xbox by the millions and it looks like the company wants that momentum to keep on going.

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