nomadclipYou might recall a couple of years ago, a company called Nomad unveiled a USB cable that was small/short enough where it could be hooked onto a keychain. It was a pretty clever idea since this allowed users to bring their USB cables with them on the go, and plug it into any computer or wall outlet with a USB port to charge their micro USB or iOS devices.

Well it looks like the company is back with a new offering called the NomadClip. However unlike its predecessor, the NomadClip will be the keychain instead, as opposed to being the one attached to a keychain. It has been designed to look like a carabiner, as you can see in the image above, and will let you hook it onto your belt loop on your pants or onto your bag. It can also act as a keychain as it looks big and spacious enough to toss in a few keys.

According to the company, the NomadClip has been designed like a carabiner, meaning that users can expect high quality materials like engineering-grade polymer and high-grade steel. It has also been designed to weather extreme environments, so you can bring it with you on the go, although Nomad does not recommend users to use it for weight-bearing or actual climbing.

Just like its predecessor, the NomadClip will be available either as a micro USB option, or for iOS users, a Lightning cable option. The ends can be tucked away into the carabiner itself, so it will help protect it from getting damaged. The NomadClip will be priced at $39 and is expected to begin shipping on the 30th of November.

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