toshiba-wearable-sensorToshiba is set to introduce a new wearable biological sensor which will be worn on your body, where it will see action in verification tests as well as evaluation. Called the “Silmee Bar type,” this wearable biological sensor will be sold to universities as well as enterprises and research institutes later this coming September in Japan. Do bear in mind that the Silmee Bar type is not meant to be a pharmaceutical product.


Just what can the Silmee Bar type be able to achieve? For starters, this wearable biological sensor is capable of measuring an electrocardiogram, in addition to pulse waves, body motions and skin temperature – simultaneously. It will need to be attached to the chest alongside a gel pad in order to work at the optimal level, and based on the data collected that will comprise the likes of heartbeat interval, pulse wave interval, the amount of body motion and posture, one will be able to make an inference to whatever particular field that one is interested in.

The results collected will be tabulated and shown on the display of a smartphone or tablet device, where such results will be sent over using a Bluetooth connection. This particular wearable biological sensor is relatively small at 64mm x 28mm x 9.6mm, and it tips the scale at approximately 14.6 grams. Expect it to comply with IPX5/IPX7 (waterproof) standards.

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