It goes without saying that the military with the most advanced technologies would have an advantage in any war, although the terrain of battle might somewhat negate such advantages, ala in-city fighting. Well this does not do away with the fact that progress needs to be made in the field of warfare, and BAE Systems, a UK aerospace and defense contractor, has shown off a concept that they call The Transformer. The Transformer stealth aircraft is made up of three different airplanes, and when joined together, they end up as as a large, diamond-shaped model. Sort of like a modern day Transformer, actually, except that it is still in the primitive form.

On paper, the Transformer is able of going through longer flights while conserving fuel, as the entire design will do its bit to reduce overall aerodynamic drag. The entire form factor of the Transformer will require a lower number of mid-air fueling runs, which in turn, will help it expand its range. Now, is it going to be good only as a surveillance aircraft, or does it carry some sort of payload of its own as well? That would be a huge tactical advantage for sure. Do you like the way it joins together and moves as one?

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